Soma Bay, Egypt

13.11.2021 - 20.11.2021

What is TEPAWE????? Very simple, the TEnnis-PArty-WEek!!!!

An hour of tennis every day will get your circulation going and get you ready for the party events. Don't worry, there will be no early morning play.

Trainer: Paul


6x60 minutes individual training - € 379,--.

6x60 minutes group of 2 - € 209,--/p.p.

Tennis & Golf Camp

Soma Bay, Egypt

21.11.2021 - 30.11.2021

Combine tennis and golf in one week? No problem at all. In Soma Bay you will find a wonderful opportunity for this because of the very short distances. The package includes:

6 x 60 minutes tennis training

3 x 18 hole green fees

3 x 250 range balls


Trainer: Paul

Price per Person:

from € 799,--

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