Prices Tennis Colonia Sant Jordi

Prices per person (including court rental and taxes)

Individual training

Beginners, advanced, championship players


Optimal for:

- learn and refine the basic strokes

- learning basic tactical skills

- learning simple game moves

- basic mental aspects of tennis

from 50 €/hour

Group Training

Advanced, championship players


Optimal for:

- expanding tactical knowledge

- rehearse complex game moves

- competition preparation

- automate game situations

- training double tactics

from 22,50 €/hour

Kids Training

Children from 4 years


Optimal for:

- learning first ball skills

- learning basic strokes

- basic motoric training

- sparking the joy for tennis


from 15 €/hour

Pro Training

Championship player, tournament player, ITF player.


Optimal for:

- refining special strokes

- applying tactics

- Implementing game moves

- Mental training on the tennis court

- competition preparation

from 60 €/hour


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