"We are just nice people!"

Peter & Paul


"I am not a tennis instructor"

"I refuse to be pigeonholed with other tennis instructors. With people who carry out this profession without any emotion, passion and/or skill. Who tell how great they used to be, all the things they've accomplished and the stars they've played with. Apart from the fact that most of the statements are at best half-truths, nobody is interested. Who are you now? That's what the student pays for. How well can you help him now? With how much enthusiasm, joy and expertise are you doing it? These are the important questions."

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional".

"Everyone wants to become a very good tennis player, but for most of them it will remain an eternal dream. This is the bitter reality. This hurts, yes, but is inevitable for 99.9% of all tennis players. Because not everyone will become a Roger Federer. Once we understand this, the suffering on the court becomes less, and the joy all the greater. Get your maximum out and enjoy this wonderful sport. That's the goal."


"Tennis coaches are strange people!"

"Of course, many tennis coaches in the world know how a forehand works. But when it comes to dealing with a tennis student individually, the number becomes much smaller. For me, the great art is to find the right swing for everyone. Depending on motor skills and given physiology. An open forehand is not something for everyone. Every tennis coach should understand that. But they don't. They insist on the status of omniscience and really believe that they are doing something good for the student. Whereby it must be said, whoever wears an aluminum hat really believes he is receiving rays. Nevertheless, he is not right!"

"Life is beautiful, even if you miss a forehand!"

"Serenity and balance are important factors for all of our lives. We can transfer these things very well from the tennis court to our lives and vice versa. Constantly getting worked up about everything leads nowhere. Life is beautiful, even if you miss a forehand. And if you get terribly upset after every mistake in a tennis match, your main problem is your attitude towards life. And not with tennis!"

Peter & Paul


"Learn to forgive yourself for mistakes. You put a ball in the net? HOOPONOOPONO! Made a double fault? HOOPONOOPONO! Shout it out. As many times and as loudly as it takes to put a smile on your face. HO-OPONO-OPONO! HO-OPONO-OPONO! HO-OPONO-OPONO! You'll find out very quickly how well this works. By the way, it doesn't just work on the tennis court!"

"You only live once, but you have a second serve!"

"This statement is self-explanatory, we think!"

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