The 5 cornerstones of "Behind The Racket"

explained very briefly

1. What do you want?

Before we can start with you, we need to know: WHAT DO YOU WANT?
Become club champion? Go pro? Just be able to play a few balls with your spouse? Prepare for the championship? If that is not made clear no serious training can take place.


2. Understand the theory!

We teach you to understand why the ball went out of bounds. Because never has a ball not reached its destination because of the outswing. And any tennis instructor who tells you that has no idea. Because the outswing is only the result of a previously executed movement. With us you will learn the truth, how to deal with it and how to do something about it.

3. Individual technique selection

52-year-old Aunt Helga from Bottrop-Kirchhellen can't play a forehand like Rafael Nadal. Nevertheless, tennis instructor Heinz tries to teach her exactly that. That won't happen to you with us. Depending on your playing level, age, ambitions, physical ailments and talent, we will find the best possible and most health-friendly technique for you. And for this we often have to deviate from the DTB textbook and the professional technique.

4. Thoughtful exercise selection

There is an almost infinite choice of training options in tennis. Nevertheless, many tennis coaches decide again and again for the classic drill. Without knowing exactly what they are doing. From where they serve the ball and which stroke sequence should be trained.
No matter what we practice with you, we ALWAYS have the right exercise for you. And we have the ability to set load times and intensities that make sense.

5. Focus on what is important

The tennis student is our priority during practice time. We do not talk on the phone during class. Do not run to the bathroom 2 times per hour. Don't waste 20 minutes per hour picking up balls. The student comes to us for tennis training, and he gets it. The way it should be.

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